The expert spoke about the principle of work of online scammers

Fraudsters acting on behalf of banks use knowledge of human psychology in emergency situations when they convince citizens to give them their data. On April 4, information security expert Alexei Lukatsky told about this.

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“Fraudsters can press and force the user to open a link, tell some kind of code,” RT quotes him .

As the specialist noted, the fraudster makes his victim do what in ordinary life she would not do, but does in time pressure.

In addition, many in ordinary life say that they will never fall for the bait of bank fraudsters, but you can always find out the data from even the most vigilant people, Lukatsky said.

"The client receives a call from the security services of banks, while it is accompanied by an alleged call from law enforcement agencies, the victim is sent a falsified decision of the investigator to initiate a case," he said.

To figure it out, one must allegedly go to the police, and as a result, the citizen discloses confidential information about himself and his bank account to the telephone scammer, the expert explained.

The schemes used by fraudsters are able to adapt to the evolving security systems of banks and the raising of their own awareness by the clients of credit institutions, Lukatsky concluded.
The expert spoke about the principle of work of online scammers
The expert spoke about the principle of work of online scammers

As Yekaterina Kilyusheva, head of the information security analytics department at Positive Technologies, said earlier that day, cybercriminals are now using the "more profitable" deposit scheme in order to gain access to the online bank of credit institutions' clients. The scammer sends his victim a mailing list, where he offers to invest at a high percentage.

A link is attached to the message, allegedly to the online bank page, where you need to enter a real username and password. As a result, the data gets to scammers, the specialist explained.

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