Laugh with your child .. life smiles at you

Laugh with your child .. life smiles at you


 One of the great blessings that God has bestowed upon us is the blessing of joy and laughter, for the house or majlis from which joy radiates you find everyone in it with a smile on their faces and fills their chests with joy and love, and whoever does not beats his heart with joy, feels joyful feelings when he sees a child smiling, it is the magic effect of this The physiological act called (by laughter).

What is laughter? How do children laugh?
Laughter in general can be defined as a state that a person goes through from time to time and is considered the culmination of a person's high mood, and it is considered an explicit expression of pleasure, with exceptions.
The baby, when someone caresses him, expresses his joy with a smile, laughter, and moving his legs randomly, for example, and if you carry him and feel joy, you will find that he attaches to you more and approaches you and moves his legs up and down and tightens his grip on you, and after a little while he turns away his face from you, he looks at your face and you repeat his joy and pleasure .

What are the causes of laughter in children?
Everything that enters pleasure in the child's heart makes him laugh. Seeing his mother and sitting on her lap is a feast, and receiving his father after work is a joy, and he gets his favorite food or new clothes and various games, even just buying it or satisfying his desire to have something are all happy occasions of kindness,
A child who gets high marks in an exam or who passes in school or in a competition that remains cheerful jumps here and there for extended periods, of course, the reasons vary according to age, so a young infant we see him smiling spontaneously at times and may be sleeping or awake, and the cause of laughter may be touching certain areas such as the abdomen Or under the armpit, the soles of the feet, or the neck, as the nerves that stimulate the brain centers responsible for laughter differ in their distribution in the body, and the threshold for laughter varies from one child to another. The cause of laughter may be internal, such as if a person remembers an incident, or external an auditory origin like hearing a story Or visually, such as seeing what is pleasing to the eye or touching, such as caressing a child or smelling a fragrant smell that makes you high and smiles or smelling some types of industrial gases that lead to forced and unnecessary laughter. Sometimes the child smiles while he is asleep and usually in a happy dream state, and laughter may be satisfactory as some Mental illnesses lead to laughter on sad occasions, and there are diseases that lead to a fit of laughterAnd cry.

what are the benefits of laughter ?
Laughter is an active respiratory movement and a special nature, as it therefore activates the muscles of breathing and stimulates blood circulation and cerebral processes. The happy, even if he does not appear to have the appearance of laughter, stays away from many diseases, God willing, and I do not mean psychological diseases only, but also physical ones, so these people are less vulnerable For peptic ulcers, high blood pressure, and hardening of the arteries, and their incidence of infarctions (heart attacks) is less, it has been shown that many types of eczema are related to depression and the healing of many of them when the mood changes for the better.

How do we keep children happy?
The smile of children does not only please children, but it is a spring that pleased those who see it, and that man is always seeking happiness and everything we do is in this field, giving the child his psychological, physical, spiritual and material needs and banishing the ghost of what disturb his life from diseases and problems and teaching him from a young age in a spacious Al-Sadr and to face difficulties with a smile and to think about solving them logically by himself or with the help of those around him, and to teach him not to get angry for the trivial reasons, all of these matters are important and the most important thing is to have a happy environment surrounding the child, for the father is quick to anger, this behavior reflects negatively on his children, and the wise father must imprint his children with a likable character It is good, and
concluded the speech that laughter is a great blessing that we must thank God for, hoping that it will last and we see it in the faces of our children as a symbol of innocence

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