Layers friends Take a pen and paper and try to write the names

Layers friends Take a pen and paper and try to write the names


Take a pen and paper and try to write the names of all your friends, then classify them into categories. First, you find that some of them are not friends on the investigation, but friends and companions.

One of them is a companion, who meets him every day in front of you, in the car or the tram, greet you and greet him, asks and you answer him, and please close the window. And you talk about the hadith of the Sufiites, and you do not know his name and do not know what it is.
Including the work companion, you are an employee, so you see his office in front of your office, and face him in your face, or you are a worker, and you see his machine next to your machine, or your colleague in the store or your neighbor in the market, you will be with him more than you are with your family and your child, and you receive more than your friends received And the people of your friend, and you may share with him grandfather and humor, satisfaction and anger, and what he has shaped you, and your mind is out of his mind, and you are not from his parents.

And the traveling companion, one of the one whose body combines the train carriage, and your souls desire to push boredom, so that you will have peace and words of it, a note of what you see, an answer to what you hear, and what is nothing but hours, until you share food, and co-exist in a dream, and the curtains fall between you, and he sees from you, And you see from him, what a person sees only from the dwelling of his house, and his relative, and what you are from him, nor is it from you, in affection or brotherhood.
And the coffee companion, the playmate, and other kinds of companions other than the one I mentioned, perhaps a person's relationship with each other continued until he called them his friends, and they were not friends, and he did not choose them by his own, nor their friend by his choice, but life threw them in his way, and carried them on his shoulders, and if he did not count them nor strip them Such as the merchant inventorying his goods, then classifying them as items; So he maintains the good and discards the bad. He does not turn into any abyss that these friendships may lead to; Because the friend is a drawer, and every companion to the comparator imitates.

And the Lord of a man whom you walked on a road, or accompanied him on a journey, or known him in a divan, so you gave him the manifestations of friendliness, what a polite man would give to whomever he met, and you did not know his destination in life, so he attributed to you, knew you, and his evil called you, or his harm befall you. Or his shame has attached to you, and if he has left a trace of him in a way that you do not feel, and every word that is placed in your ear is a seed like a seed that is thrown into the fertile ground, it may be a seed of good, and you will grow good in yourself, and it may be a seed of evil, and you will grow evil in yourself, and the Lord People who were righteous people were spoiled by evil companions instead of their condition, and their lives were miserable, people who were wicked and prayed with the company of the righteous, and whoever was relieved from the prickling of instinct worked on it with knowledge, art, or a sport of the heart or body, then lit its fire on him, and tasted its light, a friend who does not know where he will fall And another is walking on the path of fire, so a friend walked with him on the path of paradise, not the friend who reminds you of God as one who makes you forget to remember him, nor the one who leads you to the mosque for worship as one who leads you to the brothel for immorality, nor the one who talks to you about his book of fortune. To read You, as Hassan describes a dancer he saw; To seek you to see her.

If you want the trait that is gathered through good, and the work that fixes all works, write the names of your friends and companions, and whom you relate to with ties of affection, and look at each one of them whether he is good in himself or is he not good, and is he loyal to his friend or does he care nothing but benefit himself And its pleasure, and is it sociable to his sitter or is it just annoying rude? If you do, you see companions of various kinds, and you find among them someone who is fasting praying with the name of the righteous, and the attire of the righteous. But he takes that as a ladder to the world and a network of money, and you find his truth to lie about the phenomena of his devotion, so if his pledge betrayed you, and if you treat him he deceives you.

And I found among them someone who is honest and trustworthy, but does not fast or pray, and he has no religion except his name. It spoils your debt.
And I found among them someone who is a righteous worshiper, honest and sincere in the treatment, but he is full of lust, overriding instinct, there is no talk for him except about it, and there is no dwelling on it except for it, and he has stopped forbidden by his prey, and released his tongue in it. It hurts you by provoking the dormant of your desire, and awakening the dormant of your instinct.
He who is good in himself, faithful in his treatment, pardoned the tongue, the tail is pure, but he does not benefit a friend, and he does not please a friend, and if he was on the Euphrates while you were burning from thirst, he would not give you a cup of water.
He who serves his friend and pleases him, but does not care about his service and his pleasure to give him of his religion; They betray his trust for his sake, and those who display it, give him the door of the forbidden for his pleasure and his honor, and help him to devour people's rights and steal their money. All this for the sake of friendship is permissible and permissible. He takes your hand until he brings you into Hell with him.

Whoever is a debtor in himself, is appointed to his friend, stands at the limits of God, does not disdain sin, does not initiate something forbidden, but is ignorant of the methods of intercourse, the etiquette of eating, and everything that the polite of the people humble himself, comes with what your soul is angry with and irritates your nerves.
And who is a foolish, foolish, or reckless obscene, and who befriends you for your account or position; He takes you as a decoration for his day, and as a tool for his tomorrow. You have an ornament that beautifies the wall.
In conclusion, companions are five: a companion is like air and cannot be dispensed with, and a friend is like food, there is no livelihood without it, but it may taste bad, or difficult to digest, and a medicine like medicine is bitter and unpleasant, but it is necessary sometimes, and a companion is like the reddish (wine) that tastes its drinker, but it leads to health and honor. And the owner is like a scourge.

As for the one who is like the air: it is the one that benefits you in your religion, benefits you in your world, enjoys his friendship, and your enjoyment of his company.
As for what is like food: it is the one that benefits you in this world and religion, but it bothered you sometimes with its ruggedness, heavy blood, and dryness of character.
As for the one who is like medicine: it is the one that you need to need, gain benefit from, and whose religion does not satisfy you and does not entertain you with it.
As for the one who is like the redhead: it is the one that delivers your pleasure and attains your desire, but spoils your creation, and perishes your hereafter.
As for the one who is like calamity, it is the one that does not benefit you in this world or religion, and does not enjoy ten or hadiths, but you must be with him.

You have to make religion a measure, and Allah's satisfaction as a scale. Whoever benefits you in your religion, stick to it, unless he is one of whom you are unable to associate with.
Whoever harms you, throw him away, and forsake him, unless you are compelled to be with him. So this companionship is a necessity, and necessities permit prohibitions, provided that this company does not go beyond the necessity.
As for the one who does not harm you in your religion and does not benefit you in this world, but is pleasant and enjoyable, you limit yourself to enjoying his circumstance, provided that this companionship does not prevent you from duty, and does not lead you to futility or sin.


Layers friends Take a pen and paper and try to write the names

What was behind this is what was said in a parable :
If you do not have knowledge     that helps us, and you are not religious, then we ask
you for    religion, nor are you one of those who wish to learn about our work, an example like your person from clay

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