The impact of electronic games on children and adolescents

The impact of electronic games on children and adolescents



At the beginning of the eighties, with the scientific and technological development and the use of computers, electronic games became the focus of everyone’s attention and interest. And educational, and others, including that it targets all ages and groups, and most importantly, it makes the player a part of the game, and this feature has a strong attraction for children, adolescents and youth because it requires the player to focus, constant attention, listen and fully interact with events with the mind, feelings and soul so that the player feels that he is a part It is integral to the events and is the most important component of the game.

The fields of these games are many, including: cell phones, computers, the Internet and other devices.
With the beginning of the present century has evolved those electronic games successive and fast way, and became part of the diary and times of children and adolescents, and became with interacting activists, their active participation and real role in its management, and now famous games are examples. (Fortnite) and (pubg)

The impact of electronic games On children and adolescents, their attraction to it and their immersion in that virtual world has aroused the interest of specialists in the field of human, social and psychological behavior. Numerous studies have been conducted on the psychological and physical effects on children, and the positive and negative aspects of that strong relationship between the two parties, the child and the game, have been studied.

Advantages of electronic games:
These games have benefits as well as disadvantages , and among these benefits are the following:
1- Educating the child by increasing concepts and information.
2- Developing skills by developing intelligence and speed of thinking, as electronic games contain puzzles that require mental skills to solve.
3- The mental abilities increase in planning and initiative
4- The imagination of children is greatly saturated
5- The child’s activity and vitality increases, and the ability to deal with modern technology
6- Encourages innovation and finding creative solutions to adapt to the conditions of the game
7- Stimulate children's intelligence and improve the level of understanding .
8- Development of perceptual skills and speed of decision-making.
9- Coordinating the relationship between his senses.

The negatives of electronic games:
First: The psychological aspect:
1- It develops in children violence and a criminal sense
2- The formation of selfishness and self-love
Second: The social aspect:
1- Teaching the methods and methods of committing crimes and their tricks
2- Living in isolation from others
3- Regression and weakness in academic achievement
4- Significant increase in the percentage of robbery and murder
crimes 5- Publication of assault and rape crimes
6- Distancing from the family
7- Weak relationship with parents
Third: The aspect Health:
1 - Inflammation of the joints and lack of flexibility of movement in the long run
Psychological disorders 3 - Incidence of addictive behavior obsessive
4 - Poor vision.
The British newspaper "Mirror" revealed scientific studies at the Norwegian University about the effect of electronic games on children's ability to communicate with people and the environment, which varies according to the gender of the child. Studies that included (870) children between the ages of 6-12 years, and parents noted And educators and teachers participating in the research, the extent of the difference in the impact of electronic games on the sexes, as they noticed that male players of these games were not affected at the social level, and they had the ability to establish and maintain social relationships, and to maintain them in a good image.
While females at the age of 10 years and have spent a lot of time with electronic games have a great weakness in social communication, and the study estimated that they were about two years late compared to their female peers who spent less time with these games.
The study indicated that females are affected more than males, and this increases their exposure to isolation in a later period of life.
Betty Wold Hegen, a researcher at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, who is participating in the study that seeks to understand the consequences of video games on the development of a child's personality, explained that playing is not a problem in itself, but rather spending a long time in front of video games.

Finally:We must stand in the face of this destructive current of many human values ​​and principles, which works to instill values ​​contrary to our true religion. We are all witnesses and aware of what is happening in terms of tampering with the minds, souls, and morals of our children and our children from ugly scenes, immoral scenes, pornographic clips, and perverted behaviors through these games. Despite the positive aspects therein, on the authority of Abu Hurairah on the authority of the Prophet - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - who said: “Wisdom is the lost of the believer, so when he finds it, he is more deserving of it” Retaining himself, full of depression, criminality and violence, familiar with the sight of destruction and blood.
Protecting our sons and daughters who are the basis of society and the leaders of the future is a shared responsibility among all parties and institutions, the responsibility of the home, the school, the environment and the state, the responsibility of every individual and institution, protecting them from themselves and everyone who tries to transform them into uneven, imbalanced, useless beings, but just small neighborhoods It is governed by modern, rigid physical technology.
It is the responsibility of parents to observe their children, direct them and teach them how to invest the bright and benefiting aspects of these games in the formation of the mental and active aspects of the mind, memory and personality, avoiding negative and immoral aspects, especially violence and criminality, and this responsibility is not optional. God Almighty said: {O those who have believed And your inhabitants are a fire, and they lead men and stones, and strong angels on them, they will not disobey God what they command.(The prohibition: 6).
And Abdullah bin Omar may Allah be pleased with them from the Prophet peace be upon him , said: (not to you is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for his flock, Valomir who shepherd people, and is responsible for his flock, and the man is the shepherd of his family, which is responsible for them , women sponsor on the house of her husband and his son, and is responsible for them, and the servant is the shepherd of his master 's wealth and is responsible, not a shepherd Each of you, and you is responsible for his flock) agreed.
In order to avoid the damages of these games, steps must be taken such as:
1- Determining a specific time for playing these games, and not leaving the time open throughout the day or at any hour.
2- The child's participation in choosing games that suit his age and preferences.
3- Observing him without realizing it, taking into account the extent of his freedom.
4- Establish monitoring programs to know the quality of the child's observations.
5- Trying to involve him with his friends in the game so that he does not get used to isolation.
6- Encouraging him to practice the hobby of reading so that his time is not limited to games.
7- His desire to engage in activities that develop his talents, such as drawing, because it develops his ability to imagination and creativity.
8- Attaching him to sports clubs to release his kinetic energies in practicing sports.
9- Training him in disclosure, dialogue and conversation so as not to be silent and violent games as an outlet for him.

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