Thinking health

Thinking health


 If the complaints of the reformers are limited to the lack of the means of education and discipline we have, and the means to enlighten hearts and minds with them, then the matter is much Because what we see from the scarcity of these means and media will change day after day in a state that is better than the one we are in, except that there is a calamity that calls for complaint.

and is more worthy of care and attention, which is the variation in the effect of these media on the minds If some honorable people give an ethical lecture in some clubs, or if an author writes a reformist article in a newspaper, the listeners of the lecture and the readers of the article will find disparate attention to its goals and understanding of the meanings contained in them, and some may receive it in face, and others against him.

This disease is not limited to scientific matters, such as lectures and articles. Rather, the man hears with his own ear the simple news, or he sees with his own eyes the trivial incident, and then goes into their interpretation and narration of doctrines far from the truth. Until this matter became one of the distortions of public opinion, which began to form openly with us.

Some readers may think that the correctness of thinking and judgment, and the quality of perception and belief, are dependent on the gift of intelligence. This is not the case. Rather, they are contingent on raising the soul from a young age to love good and truth, detachment from evils and passions, concern for realizing matters in all their aspects, redeeming goodness with every self-benefit, and unlawful profit.

Perception and belief : People's mistake in perception and belief does not arise in all cases from natural causes such as a lack of perception. Rather, if they set their sights on an incident of accidents, they beware of representing it in their minds in its true form.

and they want to see it in an image that corresponds to a passion in their souls called for by its existence the fleeting benefits , Or false beliefs, or decaying luminaries.
O, this education has the greatest impact on everything in us: with it we are good men in society, or thieves, murderers and homeless people, and by it we are the generosity of souls who love charity, or harmony, emptiness and spoilers, and by it we are healthy, active, flexible, or weak, lazy and lazy.

Even our thoughts and our judgments have also raised the banner of submission and submission to education, so if the thought was brought up from a young age on the correctness of thinking, its owner would grow up well-conceived, sound judgment.

 loving the truth, whether it was his or his superior, and if the second is the man and there is no masculinity other than her name.

There is no wonder; Perception and belief are the two parts of logic, and man is still an animal so that he can remove the power of passion from his excellent speaking self with good conception and validity of belief.

Thinking health

The most sacred work that a person can do in his worldly life is to realize the truth correctly, and to declare it without equivocation or fear, and that the man who can overcome all the whims, myths, benefits and influences that obstruct the validity of thinking, and then be aware of the truth do not take it in To declare it a blame for blame and no resistance to resist.

 then he adds to this high position the status of raising this creation for the souls of the young. There is no doubt that such a brave man is written among the guardians of truth who have neither fear nor grieve.

The correctness of thinking is necessary for the employee, the doctor, the maker, the politician, the merchant, and the tiller of the earth, and the way a person thinks is evidence of man’s morals, and man’s morals are man himself. 

Can the teachers of our schools spend their nights exploring the means that will increase the men of our future progress in the areas of manhood and rise in the highs of humanity?
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