Western civilization .. The decline of the human value

Western civilization .. The decline of the human value


 Western civilization has become in the eyes of many people a paradise on the earth, and every person dreamed of becoming one of those who sip its nectar and shiver in its bliss, and the matter became more dangerous when Muslim children preached this civilization and glorified it in all its aspects and called for the adoption of everything. In it, and abandoning everything else, even if it is the divine religion and divine revelation .. In their view we will never advance except by taking everything in this civilization, and by what the Western man took - its sweet and bitter, its good and ugly, good and malicious - until some of them said: It is necessary to take into account everything that Westerners took, even the diseases that they have and the worms in their stomachs !!

Those deceived people saw only one aspect in European civilization, which is the material aspect - and there is no doubt that it achieved unprecedented progress in it - but they overlooked the moral aspect that has degenerated in many ways in that civilization that consecrates human well-being and brings him pleasure unconditionally. ... and 
those deceived people were blinded by the cosmetics that conceal the ugly face of this civilization to discover the true civilizational value of the human being, which this civilization has lost any value, and with it its psychological stability, heart reassurance, and spiritual integrity, without which human life has no meaning or value .

Professor Saad Al-Qahtani says: “The Western man presented himself as a guardian of human values, a messenger of security and peace, and a herald of the earthly paradise confined to our visible world. From seventy million people .

And harvesting this number of lives requires weapons that are more deadly and effective than conventional weapons, and that is why Western man directed his creativity in creating weapons of extermination and annihilation, making his atomic weapon capable of killing tens of thousands of people in one moment .
After testing the atomic bomb in the New Mexico desert space, it was time to test it on human heads, and it was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima; More than seventy thousand people perished at the moment of its explosion, then followed her sister who assassinated tens of thousands of Nagasaki city residents ... and many of those who survived direct death died soon afterwards from burns, cancer, or radiation poisoning..and the tragedy remained for years. Many people suffered from them in the two cities 
And the Western man proved his efficiency in destruction and killing, as he killed more than two hundred thousand people with one weapon .

What removes cosmetics from the face of Western civilization and reveals the falsehood of humanity is to consider their dealings with a person belonging to a nation or civilization other than the white man’s civilization .. We 
will refer to one of the ugly cases that express the violation of human value, which is the crime of trafficking in African people .

The slave trade was not the empires of Western countries to explode their industrial revolution without an abundance of labor, and Europeans did not find the arms of the Africans more suitable to move the wheel of industrial production and build the new Western world European countries established fishing centers for Africans on the African coast. The civilized western man had no difficulty in hunting his prey from the African Neanderthal thanks to his firearms .

The need was urgent to own huge numbers of slaves as the colonies of colonial countries increased in order to secure them with manpower, and as a result the slave trade flourished, the oppression of the wealthy of the owners of industrial projects, and production doubled at the expense of depleting the brown continent and emptying it of its population and resources of raw materials .

Some studies indicate that the number of those who were deported from the ancient continent reaches one hundred million African people .. The slave trade has become an international trade, and this trade is known as the triangular trade. Where the goods and commodities were transported from Europe to Africa, where these goods were replaced by slaves who were shipped to America and Europe, and there the slaves were replaced by the goods to be transported again and back to Europe .
And out of every five who were deported to America, only one survived. As for the rest, they died from violence, murder, disease and starvation .

Foolishness and moral decay. If a writer wanted to investigate the West’s crimes against humanity, he would have written huge volumes in it. So we will move to another side of the moral decline under the leadership of the white man. This aspect is negligence and moral decay ..  Western civilization has witnessed itself in its inability to moral progress, since it announced the centrality of man and his detachment from divine revelation, so that every attempt to establish a moral system isolated from religion is like building monuments on the sand. Because ethics can only be based on religion In Western civilization, the human being has become the standard of himself. One of them may approve of what others are satisfied with, and the opposite may happen, which is expressed by moral relativism .. that is, morals have lost their objectivity In order for our speech not to be abstract, theoretical, take this realistic example :

You can imagine that perversion - which is the ugly moral vice that corrupts the human species - cannot be declared by the Western man, in whom there remains of a remnant of common sense .
In America, a young American was sentenced to sixteen years imprisonment just because he burned the gay flag. The court sentenced him to fifteen years in prison for insulting homosexuals, and one year for his reckless use of fire .
In 2015, the Supreme Court in the United States issued a landmark ruling granting gays the right to marry in all American states (meaning the man marries the man, and the woman marries the woman) .. The comment of the president of the most powerful country in the modern era at that time, Barack Obama, was that he said : “This judgment is a victory for America and a victory for love” ... Imagine !!!
Imagine that this rebellion against instinct and deviation from the behavior of normal human beings has become a legitimate act for which victory is praised, and glorifies those who sacrificed for it.

A balanced approach. Nevertheless, it is arrogance to strip Western civilization of all virtue. The West has produced geniuses in the fields of discoveries, invention and various kinds of sciences On the other hand, we must refer to the correct approach to judging civilizations and nations. Consideration should not be reduced to one aspect of civilization. Rather, the holistic view must be implemented .. The person should not be dazzled by the power of economic or material achievements if they are at the expense of a person’s moral and ethical degeneration and disintegration. Partly or entirely - from the authority of the divine revelation and the loss of its life of meaning .. These constructed factories, and the launching rockets, and rising satellites should not blind us to the reality of the emptiness that is eating away at the spirit of Western civilization .

So the person whom God Almighty has honored, and the angels prostrate to him, and made fun of what is on the earth for him all have become under this civilization a slave to the machine or a gear in the factory, his soul is shackled in the prison of matter, he does not overcome his tragedies and pains except by what destroys his body and takes away his soul and mind, from intoxicating He drinks it or takes a drug .
Therefore, there was a correlation between the phenomenon of spiritual emptiness and the increase in suicide rates 

Suicide .. suicide
The European man, who knows nothing but matter, is incapable of enduring tragedies and pains in the absence of meaning and reflection on the materialistic view of existence. While the Muslim himself is patient with the calamities of calculating the reward in the Hereafter, the materialistic person promised to the earthly paradise informs him that there is no way to alleviate these pains except by escaping to distractions..so you should indulge in watching movies without any restrictions, attending concerts, and continuing to follow tools Entertainment and entertainment .. If after all this you do not get rid of that pain, then you are left with nothing but the last option, which is to meet the nothing again .

The modern human crisis, after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published new statistics that predict an increase in the number of deaths due to suicide in the United States, a terrible increase since 1999 .

Dr. Clary Rutelberg, a psychologist and behavioral scientist, refers to the crisis of modern man, which is the crisis of meaninglessness, as he links the feeling of a state of meaninglessness in a person’s life and between drinking alcohol, drug addiction, depression, anxiety .. and then suicide .

Clary says: When people are exposed to loss of meaning, pressures and trauma, then those who believe that their lives have a purpose are more likely to confront and overcome adversity and recover from it 
Therefore, the Western human need to commit suicide has become an understanding, and organizations and centers have emerged in a number of European countries that provide assistance to end life to alleviate suffering and pain, which is known as euthanasia ..
And this process is seen as one of the applications of personal freedom, so every person has absolute freedom. To put an end to his life, and he has the right to die with dignity (as they claim) .

Western civilization .. The decline of the human value

After all this - which is the tip of the iceberg - it becomes evident to us that modern man has become standing on the abyss, and that humanity is dying again, and that today its urgent need for a new world leadership illuminated by the light of divine revelation so that people emerge from darkness to light, and from the distress of materialism to The spaciousness of faith, and from the worship of money to the worship of God alone, and the human being weakens before its destruction by the antidote to humanity. Of "human antidote" program quote

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