The importance of monotheism and its fruits


Monotheism "There is no god but God", the word of Islam, the key to the abode of peace, innocence from polytheism, deliverance from the fire, and its meaning: belief in the oneness of God Almighty in his Godhead, divinity, names and attributes. . it is well known that the Almighty God created mankind, and sent the prophets and apostles in order to unite and worship, God Almighty said: { and We sent a messenger to you , but to suggest that there is no god but I Vaabdon } (prophets: 25), and the Almighty said: { and I created jinn and mankind except for them to worship . ”(Al-Dhariyat: 56). Ibn Abbas said :“ Let them obey ... and it is said: Otherwise, I command them to unite me and worship me. ”

And monotheism expressed by the word "There is no god but God"Muadh bin Jabal, may God be pleased with him, that the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “ Oh forbid , do you know what God has right over the servants ?” He said: God and His Messenger know best, he said: That they worship Him and do not associate with them something narrated by Al-Bukhari . On the authority of Abdullah bin Abbas, may God be pleased with him, he said: (When the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, sent Muadh bin Jabal to the direction of the people of Yemen, he said to him: You come before a group of the people of the Qur’an. Tell them that God has ordained five prayers on them during their day and night. ) Narrated by  Al-Bukhari .

The importance of monotheism and its fruits


And the monotheism of God Almighty is the greatest of the ordinances that God has commanded, and polytheism with God is the greatest of the things that God forbids. God Almighty said: { And we have sent in every nation a messenger to worship God and spare the oppressor : 36). Al- Saadi said : “He tells the Almighty that His Hajj was established on all nations, and that there is no advanced or backward nation without God sent a messenger in it, and all of them agree on one call and one religion, and it is the worship of God alone with no partner.” And the Almighty said: { Say : "Come, I will follow what your Lord has forbidden for you not to share with it anything" (Al-An'am: 151).
The consolidation is the first to ask about the slave in his grave, in an interview with Bara bin celibate may Allah be pleased with him long, and that the Prophet peace be upon him , said: ( are returned his soul (insured)In his body, two angels come to him and sit on him and say to him: Who is your Lord? He said, "My Lord, God," so they say to him: What is your religion? He says: My religion is Islam, and they say to him: What is this man who was sent among you? He says: He is the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace. They say: What do you do? He says: I read the Book of God, and I believed in it and believed in it. Then a caller from heaven called for my servant to believe, then spread him out from Paradise, dress him from Paradise and open a door for him to Heaven .. He says: Lord, establish the hour until I return to my family and my money .. And the unbeliever mentioned his death, he said: His soul is restored in his body, and two angels come to him and they sit upon him and say to him: Who is your Lord? And he says, "Huh, huh, I don't know," so they say to him: "What is your religion?" And he says: Huh hah, I don’t know. He said: Then a herald from heaven calls, spread out for him from the fire and put on him from the fire, and open a door for him to the fire. ”Narrated by Ahmad and Abu Dawud and authenticated by Al AlbaniEvery dead person will be asked three questions in his grave: Who is your Lord? What is your religion? What is your prophet? These are questions that revolve around monotheism, faith and Islam, for the believer is proven by God and reconciles to the answer, and an unbeliever says: Huh, I do not know.
The virtues and the fruits of unification:

the unification of God Almighty has lots and lots of virtues and great fruits in the world and the Hereafter,
including: 1 security and safety in this world and the Hereafter, Allah Almighty said: those who believe not wear their faith with injustice , for them security and they are rightly guided } (cattle: 82), Saadi said: “Security from fear, torment and misery, and guidance to the straight path. If they did not put on their faith in absolute injustice, neither polytheism nor sinfulness, then they would have complete security and complete guidance. And if they did not put on their belief in polytheism alone, but they do evil, then they have a basis. Guidance, and the principle of security, even if it does not happen to them, its perfection. "
2 unification an important condition of victory and empowerment, God Almighty said: { Allah has promised those who believe and do good deeds Astkhalafnhm in the earth as Normans those before them and Mechanized them their religion which embraced them and Abdlnhm of fear after safer worship Me not  associating me anything and Kafr after that , they They are the immoral ones . ”(An-Nur: 55). Al- Tabari said :“ {Do not  associate me something } says: Do not associate in worship me of idols, and nothing other, but saved me worship Vivrdunha to without everything Abdel nothing
else. 3 unification is the first and most important condition in accepting business, God Almighty said: { Say I am only a mortal like you revealed to me that your God is one God , it was hoping to meet his Lord still keep a good work and do not involve the worship of his Lord anyone } (cave: 110), said the son of many : "{ still keep a good work }, what with the laws of God, { and do not involve By worshiping his Lord} He is the one who is intended by the face of God alone, with no partner, and these are the two pillars of the accepted work. It must be pure to God, is right on the law of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him. "In the modern shrine: (Allah the Almighty: I am the richest partners shirk, an action involved in it with me others, I left him a company) Narrated by Muslim .
4 proves God 's servant in his grave monotheism, God Almighty said: prove to God those who believe by a firm saying in the life of the world and in the Hereafter } (Ibrahim: 27), this verse is the agreement of the imams and scholars of interpretation in the torment of the grave, and you want the installation is when the question in the grave reality. Ibn Abbas said : “By affirmative saying, a testimony that there is no deity but God.” In the worldly life} In order not to return them, { and in the Hereafter } means in the grave if asked about them, { and go astray God } distract God { oppressors } infidels to say there is no god but Allah in this world in order not to tell the goodness of the soul is not in the grave , and if removed from the graves they the people of sorrow { and God does what he wills
}. " 5 unification of God one of the greatest reasons for winning the intercession of the Prophet peace be upon him, narrated that Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him said: (I said: O Messenger of Allah, one of the happiest people Bchweatk the day of Resurrection? and he said: I had thought, Abu HurairahDo not ask me to talk about this first one of you, what I saw from your eagerness to talk, people are the happiest intercession of the Day of Judgment , he said: There is no god but Allah, pure of heart, or himself ) Narrated  by Bukhari .
monotheism , God forgives sins, and atone sins, in the modern shrine from Anas may Allah be pleased with him that the Prophet , peace be upon him said: ( God said : O son of Adam , if you had Otitni Baqrab the earth 's sins, then Qitni does not involve me something to Otik face Me , forgiveness ) Al-Tirmidhi narrated and authenticated by Al- Albani. Ibn Rajab said : “Whoever comes with monotheism with the proximity of the earth - which is its fullness, or what is close to filling it - sins, God will receive forgiveness in its proximity, but this is with the will of God Almighty.

7For the greatest fruits of monotheism that God Almighty make it a condition to enter paradise, and managed to keep from eternity in the fire, God Almighty said: It involves God Allah be upon him deprived of Paradise and the abode of fire and the oppressors of supporters } (table 72), said  son Abbas : "{ it involves God } and die upon { God has forbidden him Paradise } to enter, { and abode shot } fate fire, { and the oppressors } heathens { supporters } of mind than their intended". And on the authority of Abdullah bin Masoud, may God be pleased with him, that the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said:He who dies does not associate anything with God will enter Paradise, and whoever dies does not associate anything with God will enter Hell . '' Narrated by  Al-Bukhari .

the slave does not enter in Islam , but these two certificates: "I testify that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah", they go together.

 and in an interview Jibril , the famous peace be upon him , said him: ( Islam is to testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger God, establish prayer, pay zakat, fast Ramadan, and perform pilgrimage to the house if you are able to perform it . '' Narrated by  Al-Bukhari .

The two Shahada are one of the pillars of Islam, and this first pillar of Islam is a belief that includes the monotheism of God and witnessing to his prophet through the message, just as the servant must say: I bear witness that there is no god but God, and he does not enter Islam except by that, so is the ruling - the same - with regard to The second part of the testimony: I bear witness that  Muhammad is the  Messenger of God, so Islam and faith are valid only in them together.

for they are inseparable in judgment, two halves of one pillar, so whoever testifies to one of them must be bound by the other. Ibn Hajar said in Fath al-Bari: “Limiting ourselves to testifying that there is no god but God over the two testimonies together, because they have become a science on that.” And in “Marqat al-Muftis”: “Let the two testimonies be associated with Shari’a: they are made as one trait, and in one narration the two testimonies are sufficient.

Monotheism has great and many virtues and fruits in this world and the hereafter, and it is God's greatest right over his servants, and with monotheism man enters Heaven, and against it, which is polytheism, he enters Hell. The Prophet.

 may God’s prayers and peace  be upon him, said to Muadh bin Jabal, may God be pleased with him, who said: ( O Muadh, do you know what is right. God on the subjects ? said: Allah and his Messenger know, he said , to worship him and not associate anything with, do you know what it right ? he said: Allah and his Messenger know, he said , not to punish them ) Narrated  by Bukhari .

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