Scam is a form of scam where an au pair or host family


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Scam is a form of scam where an au pair or host family is usually contacted through email, social media, or illegitimate websites. 

Discover here the usual methods to protect yourself as much as possible from fraudsters.

Theyask you to pay a certain amount of money, most often in the form of an advance payment. This type of fraud is also known as the Nigerian scam or 419 fraud.

The sender of the email thus pretends to be a so-called Travel Agency (a travel agency) to au pairs and their host families, and undertakes to take care of the necessary formalities such as the requested

 of visa or booking of air tickets. He then requires a deposit for these services. Sometimes it also happens that the scammer masquerades as an au pair or a host family and asks for money to cover the cost of a residence or travel permit. Most of the time, the so-called au pairs and host families are from the UK or the US, two popular destinations.

On the other hand, scammers often come up with very tempting offers, far too good to be true. Au pairs then look like real professionals in childcare and host families promise spending money well above the average.

Fraud Scam

Our advices :

  1. Never make advance payments to a stranger, whether through Western Union, Money Gram, or through a so-called Travel Agency!
  2. Never open a bank account for a third party!
  3. Do not reply to questionable emails and forward them to our  AuPairWorld Team .
  4. Beware of making contact through social networks and too tempting offers.
  5. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact our AuPairWorld Team.

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