More than half of Russians are confident in the Internet

More than half of Russians are confident in the Internet

65% of Russian residents do not have problems using digital technologies, 28% believe that they have something to learn, and 7% admitted that they are not educated in the Internet sphere. This is evidenced by the poll data of the Rambler portal (part of Rambler & Co), which Izvestia got acquainted with.

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In April, Digital Dictation - 2021 was launched - a large-scale all-Russian action to test knowledge and skills in the use of Internet technologies. Users were asked to answer whether they know what digital literacy is and how they use the power of modern online services.

The survey showed that 65% of respondents correctly answered the question of what digital literacy is: it is the effective and safe use of Internet services and technologies. 20% said that this is the ability to work with computer equipment, 2% of the respondents are sure that these are the rules of communication on the Internet, another 2% - the ability to write a program or website. 11% of respondents have never heard of the concept of "digital literacy".
More than half of Russians are confident in the Internet
More than half of Russians are confident in the Internet

49% of survey participants apply their digital skills primarily to reading and searching news in the media, social networks and apps. In second place in terms of demand are services and programs for working with e-mail: they were chosen by 16% of the respondents. For 14% of respondents, entertainment content on the Internet is important. 7% use the Internet for education, 6% - for shopping, the same amount - for communication (instant messengers). 2% of survey participants use services to receive services (delivery, taxi).

The research of the Rambler portal showed that the majority of the respondents know about the safety rules on the Internet. 49% do not enter their personal data on random sites, 40% generally prefer not to share information about themselves anywhere, 6% do not care about the safety of their information, and 5% worry about it only when they make online purchases.

Password strength statistics showed good results. Thus, 86% of respondents prefer complex sequences and use services for storing passwords or remember the order of characters well. And only 14% of Russian residents choose simple passwords.

The survey was conducted on the Rambler portal from April 7 to 13, 2021, reaching over 60 thousand participants. 78% of men and 22% of women answered the questions.

On March 29, Izvestia, referring to the results of a study by the analytical center NAFI, reported that over the past year, every tenth Russian (11%) faced fraud in the field of online purchases . Of these, 7% lost their money due to the actions of intruders, and only 4% were able to get their funds back.

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