Named the most popular tablets and laptops among Russians

Named the most popular tablets and laptops among Russians

Since the beginning of 2021, Russians have been most often interested in Apple and Samsung tablets. Such data were provided to Izvestia on April 20 by experts of the Yandex.Market service.

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According to the study, in December 2020, the demand for tablets increased by 25%, which may be due to the preparation of gifts for the New Year. Now the demand for these gadgets remains stable, while the amount that Russians are willing to spend on a purchase has grown from 21 thousand to 25 thousand rubles.

Since the beginning of the year, the most popular model has become the Apple iPad (2020), the second place is taken by the Apple iPad Air 2020, and the third is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. The fourth and fifth places in popularity are taken by the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, respectively.

The demand for laptops increased significantly in March and August 2020. There have been no surges in demand since early 2021. Most often this year, Russians were interested in the model of the Apple MacBook Air 13 Late 2020 laptop. The second most popular model was the Apple MacBook Pro 13 Late 2020, the third - Apple MacBook Air 13 Mid 2017. The fourth and fifth places were taken by Lenovo Ideapad L340-15API and Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 15ARH05 respectively.
Named the most popular tablets and laptops among Russians

Among Apple's technology, buyers were most interested in the Apple iPad 2020 32Gb tablet (21% of total demand) and the Air 13 late 2020 laptop with a diagonal of 13.3 inches and a 7th generation processor (27% of total demand).

The next presentation of Apple will take place on April 20. Experts interviewed by Izvestia said that it will feature new iPads, AirPods and iMac Pros with proprietary processors, as well as, possibly, hybrid devices that combine the functions of a tablet, smart speaker and set-top box.

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