Roskomnadzor accused YouTube of regularly censoring Russian media


Service in relation to content posted on Russian media accounts. This was reported on April 24 by the press service of the department.

The alleged inconsistency of the content of the age category is used as a pretext, the RKN pointed out. For example, films shown on Russian federal TV channels, according to the administration of the service, can only be accessed by adults.

“Many videos are broadcast after authorization on video hosting or additional consent to view content for adults,” the department noted..

As emphasized in Roskomnadzor, YouTube blocks videos that convey to viewers a position that differs from the position adopted in the West.

"Videos that tell the truth about the historical contribution of Russia to the victory over fascism, about the tragic events in Beslan are blocked under far-fetched pretexts," the Interfax agency cites .

In 2020, YouTube restricted access to Russian media accounts nine times, three times to their materials, and in four months in 2021, three accounts and five materials from Russian media were blocked. 

We are talking about the accounts of NTV, Russia 24, TVC, Russia Today, Sputnik.

In addition, YouTube limited videos containing the national anthem of the Russian Federation, explaining this by infringement of copyrights that allegedly belong to foreign copyright holders, the department stressed.

Since the beginning of 2020, RKN has sent 29 letters to the video hosting administration demanding to lift restrictions on Russian media (seven of them are repeated requests), and most of them remained unanswered.

Roskomnadzor accused YouTube of regularly censoring Russian media
Roskomnadzor accused YouTube of regularly censoring Russian media

Also, according to , YouTube has not removed almost 6 thousand materials with child pornography, calls for extremism, suicidal content, and other socially dangerous information from more than 71 thousand identified by the department since 2012.

For failure to remove Internet resources with prohibited information from search results, Google was fined three times - 700 thousand rubles, 1.5 million rubles and 3 million rubles.

On April 16, representatives of Google, at a meeting of the State Duma commission to investigate the facts of foreign interference in the internal affairs of Russia, expressed their readiness to continue working in the Russian legal field. As the head of the commission, Vasily Piskarev, noted, the company does not want to lose its audience on YouTube, which reaches approximately 80 million daily visits.

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