Data of 1.5 billion Facebook users put up for sale on the darknet

Data of 1.5 billion Facebook users put up for sale on the darknet


 The data of 1.5 billion users of the social network Facebook were put up for sale on the darknet (a segment of the World Wide Web where illegal operations are carried out). This became known on Monday, October 4.

We are talking about the names, phone numbers, email and physical addresses of users.

The Internet publication Privacy Affairs writes that at the end of September, a user of one of the hacker sites reported that he had access to the Facebook database with the data of 1.5 billion customers. 

Now, against the backdrop of a large-scale failure in the work of Facebook services, this database has been put up for sale. You can buy it both in parts and in whole. 

One potential buyer said that he was offered to buy the data of 1 million accounts for $ 5 thousand. The publication notes that this is the largest leaked data of Facebook users.

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Data of 1.5 billion Facebook users put up for sale on the darknet

On the evening of October 4, residents of Russia, Western and Eastern Europe faced problems using Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

After failures in Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, users switched to Telegram. However, against the background of the influx of users, the call functions became unavailable in the messenger.

Facebook commented on the large-scale failure, specifying that specialists are working on the elimination. The company apologized to users.

Users of the microblogging service Twitter are currently experiencing problems. There are also reports of malfunctions in Amazon, Google and TikTok.

The expert called the probable reason for the failure of Facebook services around the world a malfunction in a computer distributed system for obtaining information about DNS (Domain Name System) domains. 

The specialist indicated that the transition by IP works, but by the domain name it does not.

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