9 Contemporary Raw Market Ideas That Will Make You The Next Billionaire


9 Contemporary Raw Market Ideas That Will Make You The Next Billionaire

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While it's not easy to come up with great business ideas, we'll be giving away these 9 ideas for free.

Everyone has ideas for getting rich, but only some people benefit from them. In this article we are going to suggest ideas that will probably make you a lot of money - what you choose to do with them will determine the results you get.

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9 Contemporary Raw Market Ideas That Will Make You The Next Billionaire
 Contemporary Raw Market Ideas That Will Make You The Next Billionaire

Here are 9 ideas that will make you the billionaire you always dreamed of being.

1. Bee

 Bees do big business. From crop pollinators to honey makers, this is a very promising field for anyone who wants to see what's going on in the industry.

In 2019, Forbes proposed the intriguing idea of ​​valuing diligent insect groups like bees as if they were public companies. The assessments were based on data from an agricultural economy that depends on bees as pollinators.

Forbes estimated the market value of the global honey bee market at $20 billion. What we love most about bees is that in addition to the great income they generate, they also add 100 times more value to society than the beekeepers themselves, according to the USDA.

2. Sustainable housing

The need for sustainable livelihood solutions is becoming more important as the world's population continues to grow. Business Research reports that "the global green building market for single-family housing is expected to grow to $113.54 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate of 7.2%."

If you are able to confine the market to any aspect of sustainable micro-housing, the industry is growing more profitable, with shrinkage in the field of regular homes.

3. Clean air

The next billion dollar idea may come out of nowhere! The pandemic has highlighted how unreliable current "air purification" solutions are, and what a huge market for clean air is.

Air pollution costs the European Union $24 billion annually. This does not include the cost to the health system, crop losses and building damage from air pollution, which runs into billions of dollars. There are 400,000 premature deaths each year in Europe linked to air pollution.

From green walls to bacteria-filtering air conditioners, there is a world full of opportunity. But how do you test a great idea in a real market? Stay with us and we will tell you.

4. E-learning-friendly mobile phones

As everyone knows, the Internet is a treasure trove of learning. If you want to be in the field of e-learning, your billion dollar idea needs to provide mobile learning. Statista.com reports that in the first quarter of 2021, 54.8% of global web traffic was reached on mobile phones.

Emerging markets have mostly skipped the desktop internet right on smartphone to tablet. However, not only markets like Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya have high traffic from the mobile web. 48% of US internet traffic is reached on mobile phones.

5. Turn trash into treasure

One man's waste is another man's treasure. The world is quickly running out of space to hide its trash. At the same time, it is more difficult and more expensive to obtain precious metals than ever before. Share the need for waste management with a much needed tech product and you'll make billions.

If you need some inspiration, look into the urban mining movement where precious metals are recovered from technical waste.

6. Virtual Professionals

It is not certain that the world will return to what it was before the pandemic, and the entire world has adopted a hypothetical business mindset. This means that there are a lot of new avenues for businesses to provide on-demand services remotely. Such as on-call legal services or wedding officials.

If you can hit the market soon, you may have billions on demand before you know it.

7. Closing voids in the food industry

Back in the waste, because as humankind we can't stop producing it! The growing need for organic waste reuse is another wasteland of opportunity. This has become even more profitable due to the increasing need for soil renewal as a result of years of unsustainable farming practices.

If you can turn a binary product like orange peels from a juice company into compost, this black gold might be your ticket to billionaire status. Plus, you're closing the loops in a circular economy and moving the world to a more sustainable level.

8. Green Travel

If you want to become the next billionaire in the tourism industry, you need to consider green travel. The tourism industry is a major contributor to global emissions, and flights alone contribute 8% of global emissions.

According to the David Suzuki Foundation, the number of flights is increasing 5% year over year, but improvements in aircraft fuel efficiency range from 1 to 2%. Meaning that the demand for flights and global emissions are increasing. 

Carbon offsetting is only one side of the equation for greening the tourism industry, albeit an untapped and profitable one. If you can contribute to energy efficiency in this sector, there will be no limit to your earning potential.

9. Selling the NFTs

The NFT may confuse most people, but what used to be a bubble continues to impress investors and creators alike and make money.

You don't have to be as prolific as Beeple's 5,000-day collection of unique artwork to fetch big bucks in the non-copycatable token market. 

Then there is of course the hosting of these auctions and licensing agreements and all the supporting industries that will now be created for police use and the safe storage and distribution of NFTs. 

All of these are ready to choose which future billionaire is willing to participate.