Having money teaches you these 12 things about others


The poor regard those who have money with respect because they think they are free from the shackles of poverty.

Due to your background, your perspective on money is different, and it may take you several years to become financially free or earn enough money to get the things you wish for if you are coming from the poor side.

If you start from poverty and then cross over to the bourgeoisie, you can see how the behavior of the people around you changes to a relative degree with your wealth.

Here are 16 things money will teach you about others.

Having money teaches you these 12 things about others
Having money teaches you

1. Money imposes your power on them

In the collective mindset, money shows ability, pre-imposing your power when you enter the room. Rich people will allow you to sit at the table because there is a common understanding that everyone around you is qualified.

The poor see you as the knower of everything. Just because you have the money, they think your words hold more value and tend to agree with you more, even if you're speaking outside your area of ​​expertise.

He's rich, so he should know what he's talking about.

However, this is a dangerous slope. Be humble and focus on where you can show your ability and move everyone involved forward.

2. When you have money, you see how dangerous the risks are to the people around you

When you have the money, you can sit behind the curtain, seeing how other wealthy people act, how they think, what kinds of deals they make, and how they connect the dots.

The truth is that wealthy people are constantly stressed because they are always working on something new. It is exciting for them but requires focus because not only their fortune is at stake but also all the people who depend on the project.

3. When you have a front row seat to both worlds, many differences between rich and poor become clear

Rich people always focus on bigger deals and new ideas. On the other hand, the poor have little at stake, for them, there is nothing new. They always complain about the same things, the job, the bills, the neighbors, the same novel over and over again.

Everyone has a price, even you

We all think we can't be bought but the truth is that even with money, you still choose how you want to trade your time and exchange rate for that transaction.

We all have 24 hours in a day, but our time doesn't count for the same price!

When you get really good at something, people are willing to pay for your time.

4. Some people won't close the gap, so you have to leave them behind

Here's something you'll learn about your friends when you start making money.

In the beginning you all go off at the same level, as your life progresses you keep going up while they stay where they are. There are only two ways to bridge the gap:

The first is to go down, which means losing the progress you worked so hard to make, which is out of the question.

The second is to rise and close the gap from the bottom. You can help them do this if they are willing. But if they don't have the desire to bridge it, the gap will continue to grow as you progress to becoming more than you are now. At some point, you just have to leave them behind.

5. Once you get it, the money is overrated - but others don't know it

It will take everything you ever dreamed of to realize that things are just things.

The moment you no longer have to chase her, her magic fades. 

A paid home significantly increases your comfort compared to a rented apartment, yes the SUV is safer and more comfortable, but, there is a threshold of pleasure that once achieved, you lose the passion for it.

Your current level of comfort becomes your standard. That's why our criteria are determined by what we choose to settle for.

Ironically, once you get your wishes, you will be spending most of your time doing free things like walking around, reading, and spending quality time with friends and family unlike you ever imagined.

Money won't buy happiness, but it does allow you to enjoy the things that make you happy.

6. People want the result, the secret to your wealth, not the process

People without money believe that the rich know a deep secret that no one else knows.

The privilege to have access to closed meetings, and to obtain unfair advantages is their justification of the gap between the rich and them without any effort on his part.

This process is for everyone and anything you want to learn or do in life, someone has already done it and documented the process.

For the first time in history, we all have access to nearly the same information and tools, discipline, focus and not putting in the necessary effort will make a difference.

7. They think money solves all your problems 

This is a very valid point if you have experienced poverty yourself:

When you are in poor, money will solve all the problems in your life because you think that every problem is a financial problem for you.

But you don't know the variety of problems you don't when you're struggling to put food on the table or keep the lights on. It will only take you to solve your financial problems to realize how stressed you are, how poor your health is, and how you neglected it in the process of building wealth.

Poor people struggle with happiness, depression, purpose, and real relationships as much as they struggle with paying the bills. The downside to getting rich is that you can't talk to anyone about it because you seem like a special person.

These are deep problems that cannot be ignored, people assume that once they get the money their other problems will go away and they treat you as such.

8. If you choose the right partner, you will be rich and humble

A good partner makes all the difference, especially if he or she is walking up the stairs with you.

If he suffers hardships on your side, neither of you will take this achieved success for granted. You both keep each other realistic and humble. And they are the only ones who can remind you of the mistakes you make.

Others tend to flatter the wealthy and never say "no" to them.

But, this puts you in a vulnerable situation where you will only be surrounded by flatterers, you will always enjoy being right but this can sometimes make you blind and you will need to focus if you are going to win this game in the long run.

9. The poor are emotionally attached to money while the rich see it as a game

When you are poor, it can be difficult for you to truly understand the way the rich treat money.

It's strange to understand that a person may spend more on a car than on the entire house you rent. The idea of ​​spending so much seems strange internally.

When you are poor, money is emotional, you cry because of money. Lack of money makes you unhappy. Spending on anything more than double what you did when you were poor even after you're rich may seem odd, but now you'll understand the game.

Always remember this rule:      buy anything you want in life as long as your investment pays for it .

In other words, if you want to buy a car, buy an apartment instead and use the money you get from renting your apartment to pay for that luxury car.

10. The more money you get, the more you want people to leave you alone

Something strange will happen as your wealth increases. You become a mixture of an introvert and an extrovert.

You'll only want to hang out with the people you love but in general, you'll want to be left alone. Money gives you the power to say no.

As your wealth grows, you become more aware of your personal time. Everyone wants something from you. People are like sharks, they smell blood in the water.

Yes, you will be overcharged for almost anything especially services and you will feel like bargaining but finding your time is more important than the extra amount you might pay. But, you can take care of this if you have a project manager who handles all these negotiations for you.

Take this rule, too: Be prepared to pay twice the price for 5 times the quality. That's why you find a thousand dollar bottle that sells for five thousand in some places.

Quality products are expensive, so when buying, don't compromise on price, ask for quality instead. Your network will be positive and you will be happy with the deals you will make. 

11. Most people won't know you're rich unless you announce it

Once you get over that initial urge to buy all the things that you couldn't afford before, you will no longer feel the need for the flashy stuff and you will go back to your days naturally.

Yes, your shoes and clothing will be of higher quality, but you won't feel like a walking billboard. Real wealth doesn't want attention and you just want your day to go naturally.

Most people cannot distinguish between a $100 watch and a $15,000 watch. They may recognize brands if they get close enough but this is not often the case.

Unless you shout out to the world that you are rich, most people will not know or care that you are rich because they have their own things to care about.

12. People are eager to serve you

When you get paid, the services you previously paid for, will now come to you for free.

There is an unspoken contract between the parties where if I help you with this, you will have to help me with something of at least equal value. This is also one of the ways that the rich get richer.

By the way, your goal in life should be to acquire specialized knowledge. Simply put, be really good at one thing and trade that skill for everything you need to get what you want.