Scenes of homosexuality The movie Lightyear was absent from the cinemas of 14 countries


 14 countries, including Arab countries, refused to screen the new "Disney" movie "Lightyear", due to the presence of a scene promoting "homosexuality".

On Tuesday, June 14, Euronews quoted an unnamed media source that Disney was unable to obtain permission to show its new movie in 14 countries in the Middle East and Asia.

The film is not expected to be shown in China, which is the largest market for cinema, according to the source.

A scene from the movie "Lightyear"
A scene from the movie "Lightyear"

And the UAE “Media Regulatory Office” announced that the animated film “Lightyear” had not been granted permission to show in all cinemas in the Emirates, justifying this by violating the media content standards applicable in the country, while representatives of other countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia and Lebanon, did not explain the reason for not allowing Show the movie, according to the site.

On the other hand, the film's producer, Galen Sussman, said that the authorities in China requested the removal of some scenes, which was rejected by "Disney", expecting that the film would not be released in China.

Sussman added that the film's makers will not make any changes to it, noting that China earlier refused to show other "gay" scenes.

American actor Chris Evans presents his voice as the main character "Buzz Fly", which is the kinetic character from the "Toy Story" movie series.

In the film, Baz's close friend marries another woman, and a scene in the film includes a kiss between them, which prompted countries to refuse his offer, and sparked controversy on social media.

"Disney" is witnessing a clash with the state of Florida, after discussing a new bill to repeal a law allowing the entertainment company "Disney" to run a special zone on its properties in the state, because of its opposition to the "Do not say gay" law.

On April 20, the Republican-led state assembly voted to rescind special benefits granted to Disney since the 1960s, which include the ability to essentially self-govern a vast area around the Disney World theme park, and issue municipal bonds exempt from taxes. taxes.

Malaysia has joined the list of countries that have banned the release of "Lightyear" after Disney refused to remove a kiss between two gay characters from the animated film.

Malaysia's Film Censorship Board said it approved the film at parental guidance for those under the age of 13 with the condition that modifications were made, in scenes and dialogues, that "were found to contain elements that promote a gay lifestyle, and which violate key aspects of the guidelines on film censorship". And the Council ordered the removal of the scenes.

Scenes of “homosexuality” The movie Lightyear was absent from the cinemas of 14 countries

The board said in a statement: "The film's distributors did not agree to comply with the instructions, and instead decided to cancel the show.

Lightyear star Chris Evans has described those who criticize the kissing scene between the two gay characters as "idiots" in a recent interview.

The scenes have received widespread criticism among families in the United States as well, since the movie was shown on the 17th of this month.

Several Arab countries had banned showing the film in their cinemas, and Disney insisted on its refusal to remove scenes that refer to homosexuality at work.

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