The crow is distinguished by the prestige of its voice


 The crow ( plural : crows ) is a genus of birds that belongs to the family of crows , and it is one of the well-known birds in many parts of the world.

The crow is distinguished by the prestige of its voice, which made people pessimistic about seeing or hearing its voice, in addition to its dark black color.

The crow is very much attracted by bright and colorful things, and it is not surprising that people find in the crows' nests colored soap bars and shiny gilded things.

The crow
The Crow

The crow is considered one of the beneficial birds that are friendly to the farmer, as the crow feeds on pests and insects, just like the hoopoe and Abu Qardan .

The crow is characterized by a relatively high level of intelligence compared to other birds, as it can use tools, and build them as well.

in religious stories

The remembrance of the crow was mentioned in the Qur’an in the story of my son Adam ﴿ and the news of my son Adam is in truth, when they approached nearly near, and he was accepted from one of them, and he did not come from.۝27If you extend your hand to me to kill me, I will not stretch out my hand to you to kill you, for I fear God.۝28I want you to bear my sin and yours, and be among the companions of the Fire, and that is the recompense of the wrongdoers.۝29So his soul compelled him to kill his brother, so he killed him, so he became one of the losers.۝30So God sent a strawberry looking at the earth to see it as how he would see the sins of his brother, he said: “Oh, and I am my miracle that I will be like this.۝31(  [ Al- Ma’idah : 27-31]

The Qur’an mentioned the crow in the story of Cain and Abel, teaching one of them how to bury his brother’s body and bury him.

As mentioned in the Book of Genesis (8:6-8), where Noah sent him when the earth sank in the flood to bring him the news, but he was late.

In the bible

The name of the crow is repeated in Arabic expressions and proverbs from that:

A crow’s man insisted on him: i.e., the matter or the pension became difficult for him;

His crow flew: any young man with his head;

speckled crow: any malignant;

Its crow does not fly: (It is said on fertile land abundant with fruits;

He found the crow's date: that is, he found what pleased him.

( in the Egyptian dialect ): O joy of death, the crow took it and flew away. It is said about the joy that is disturbed by something that is not complete.

( in Egyptian dialect ): Oh, the crow roamed to his mother. That is, it is of no value to what one person brings to another.

Wonders about the crow

Europeans studied the crow and its communities, it lives in groups and flocks. However, the pair of crows live with each other all their lives (like humans), and if a strange male approaches the crow’s wife, she will beat him until he stays away from her.

The crow
The crow

And crows are not afraid of predators such as hawks and eagles , but they approach the eagle when it eats its prey and settles a little, then it starts chasing it, so the crows fly and a plane pounces on it, so he has to lower his head so that the crow does not strike him with his wing or tail. After several times of this maneuver, the eagle gets bored and flies, leaving the rest of its prey to be eaten by crows.

The ravens pair take care of their offspring in the nest and bring them food. If a hawk is hovering near you, you will find the parents taking off and starting to chase the hawk in flight until it disappears from the area, and the danger is away from their offspring.

The crow counts to 9

Perhaps the crow was the only animal that could count up to the number 9. That was by observation: a crow lived near a rabbit hole and was inhabited by 9 rabbits. It is known that the crow is fond of collecting food and shiny objects. It was noticed that the crow was waiting on his tree until the rabbits came out and left their hole, and he did not approach the hole to search for things until after the ninth rabbit left the hole.

The crow recognizes human faces

Researchers have discovered that crows can recognize people's faces, not only that, but also classify them into good people and bad people.


  • Corvus albicollis - white-necked raven  [other languages] or Cape Raven (Southern, central and eastern Africa) 
  • Corvus albus ( Central African coasts to southern Africa)
  • Corvus bennetti - Little Crow (Australia)
  • Corvus brachyrhynchos - American cig (United States, southern Canada, northern Mexico)
  • Corvus capensis - Cape Crow or Black Crow or Cape Rook (Eastern and southern Africa)
  • Corvus caurinus - Northwest crow (Olympic peninsula to southwest Alaska)
  • Corvus corax - Raven
  • Corvus (corax) sinuatus - raven
  • Corvus (corax) varius morpha leucophaeus - Pied Raven an extinct color variant (Holarctic)
  • Corvus corone - My crow
  • Corvus cornix - a masked crow
  • Corvus (cornix) capellanus - hooded crow
  • Corvus coronoides - Australian crow
  • Corvus crassirostris - thick-billed crow
  • Corvus cryptoleucus - Chihuahua crow  [other languages] 
  • Corvus dauuricus - Daurian Jackdaw
  • Corvus enca - Slender-billed Crow
  • Corvus (enca) violaceus - Violaceous Crow (Philippines, Ceram, Moluccas)
  • Corvus florensis - Flores Crow (Flores Island)
  • Corvus frugilegus - common rattlesnake (Europe, Asia, New Zealand)
  • Corvus fuscicapillus - Brown-headed Crow (New Guinea)
  • Corvus hawaiiensis (formerly C. tropicus ) - Hawaiian crow
  • Corvus imparatus - Tamaulipas Crow (Gulf of Mexico coast from Nuevo León east to Rio Grande delta, south to Tampico, Tamaulipas)
  • Corvus jamaicensis - Jamaican Crow (Jamaica)
  • Corvus kubari - Mariana Crow or Aga (Guam, Rota)
  • Corvus leucognaphalus - White-necked Crow (Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico)
  • Corvus macrorhynchos - Jungle Crow (Eastern Asia, Himalayas, Philippines)
  • Corvus (macrorhynchos) macrorhynchos - Large-billed Crow
  • Corvus (macrorhynchos) levaillantii - Eastern Jungle Crow (India, Burma)
  • Corvus (macrorhynchos) culminatus - Indian Jungle Crow
  • Corvus meeki - Bougainville Crow
  • Corvus melori - Little Raven (Southeastern Australia)
  • Corvus monedula - or Western Jackdaw (British Isles and western Europe, Scandinavia, northern Asia, Northern Africa)
  • Corvus moneduloides - New Caledonian Crow (New Caledonia, Loyalty Islands)
  • Corvus nasicus - Cuban Crow (Cuba, Isla de la Juventud, Grand Caicos Island)
  • Corvus orru - Torresian Crow or Australian Crow (Australia, New Guinea and nearby islands)
  • Corvus insularis - Bismarck Crow
  • Corvus ossifragus - Fish crow
  • Corvus palmarum - Palm Crow (Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic)
  • Corvus rhipidurus - a fan- tailed crow (Northeast Africa, Middle East)
  • Corvus ruficollis - red- necked raven or Desert Raven (Northern Africa, Arabia, southeast to eastern Asia)
  • Corvus (ruficolis) edithae - Somali Crow or Dwarf Raven (Northeast Africa)
  • Corvus sinaloae - Sinaloan Crow (Pacific coast from Sonora to Colima)
  • Corvus splendens or Indian House Crow (Indian subcontinent, Middle East, east Africa )
  • Corvus tasmanicus or Tasmanian Raven ( Tasmania and adjacent south coast of Australia)
  • Corvus ( tasmanicus) boreus
  • Corvus torquatus - Collared Crow (Eastern China, south into Vietnam)
  • Corvus tristis - Gray Crow or Bare-faced Crow (New Guinea and islands)
  • Corvus typicus - Piping Crow or Celebes Pied Crow (Sulawesi, Muna, Butung)
  • Corvus unicolor - Banggai Crow (Banggai Island)
  • Corvus validus - Long-billed Crow (Northern Moluccas)
  • Corvus woodfordi - White-billed Crow or Salomon Islands Crow (Southern Salomon Islands)