What is oracle | And what is the huge database that Oracle has


We all have heard of the term oracle but only a few know what an oracle is. Hence why it is considered a huge database that provides so much information. 

In this article, we will look at the Oracle more closely to understand this term more deeply.

What is an oracle database

In fact, the Oracle database was one of the first databases that was designed to accomplish the network computing tasks of many organizations. It was designed for this purpose. It can also be said for those who wonder what this database is that it is a very practical database that has a lot of flexibility and provides a good amount of efficiency. As well as reducing the cost required to manage applications and information.


In fact, its database is a system that takes over the task of managing relational databases. The Oracle Corporation is responsible for the production and marketing of this data.

What tools are used by oracle database?

There are many tools used by Oracle database, the most important of which are:

  • The Data Dictionary poster, which is an essential and indispensable tool in all Oracle applications used. It is called (Data Dictionary poster).
  • Formspack language reformulator
  • Oracle linux Commands Poster . Or the command sticker, which is an important and essential tool for those who develop Oracle.
  •  The great TOAD tool from Quest.
  •  The tool that is responsible for response time is called (Ignote for Java)
  •  Spreadsheet Excel_DB, which is a very fast data interface that uses the original interface of programs and applications.
  • Statsackanalyzer reporting tool.
  •  Script Tools is a tool that enables obtaining scripts from Oracle.

What is the database made of?

The Oracle database architecture consists of two types of components: the first is a memory dataset. The second basic component is a diverse set of processes that perform certain tasks. In addition to these two components, a group of resources, some of which are tasked with storing data that are used in various applications, and another section of special resources that are designed to enable the recovery of data in the event that the process of entering it to the disk fails.

It is worth noting that all the components of the Oracle database are designed to provide the opportunity for users to read and modify this data. Thus, the two most important components in the database are memory and the operations that are performed on the files.

What languages ​​does oracle use for programming?

The Oracle database uses a recognized standard programming language such as Java, C and C++ in its programming, in addition to Oracle's use of its own programming language, the PL/SQL programming language, which is supported by all other programming languages. It is a fourth generation advanced programming language characterized by its ability to perform embedded storage. In addition, the Oracle database uses advanced systems for writing reports, such as SQL Reports and SQL Forms.

What are the advantages of oracle database?

In fact, Oracle database has four great features and characteristics that should be available in all database systems without exception, and the most important of these characteristics are the following:

 Its high ability to deal with a large amount of information and data up to millions of megabytes, and then a high degree of consistency and organization.

Great privacy and confidentiality in keeping information and data. As the Oracle database uses an advanced system to protect data that outperforms other systems used by other companies

 Providing good and distinguished support to all users of the Oracle database all over the world, through its website.


Programming languages ​​that you rely on for programming


It is the language used in programming Oracle databases, as it is a structural language supported by all programming languages ​​such as C, VB or Java.

Also, through this language, it is possible to access the data that has been stored and perform operations on it, such as adding, modifying and deleting operations in tables designed using an application. But it is possible to do call routines written in second languages ​​like Java_ C.


Which is used in writing the special function and in writing programs. It is a procedural query language that has rules governing it like any other language.


What are the latest versions of Oracle nowadays

  1.  Oracle version 8i known as version “i” (internet).
  2.  Oracle 9i version where this version increased support for XML, which is an extensible markup language.
  3. Versions g10 and g11 so that these two versions included the letter g instead of the letter i to denote Grid Computing to denote the grid computing system. This made it possible to deal with a group of industrial servers with a reduced cost as if it were a single unit, which made it possible to reduce the cost of its infrastructure on the one hand and to share hardware resources on the other hand.
  4.  Oracle Database 12c is the most important version of Oracle in recent years. This release has enabled companies to access the most rapid and scalable databases. The most reliable and safe.

But all through a diversified environment that is efficient and low cost. It is also worth noting that version 12c included a series of innovative procedures that helped users and customers to save and transfer their investments and resources easily. Hence, which encouraged expansion and gave customers the ability to manage data in a simpler and more easy way.