Working after retirement: 8 ideas to start over


 If retirement is a nightmare for you; We are here to provide economic solutions in the simplest way.

50 years in business; It means a lot of memories, failure stations, success, and then what? You don't have to get up early and rush to your place of work. 

Your morning will be quiet, free from the noise of cars. But as the days go by; You will feel bored or lose the drive that accompanies you every morning to move forward, and the best you can do is look for a new step. 

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So; I searched for you on the best post-retirement business. Join me in our next article to give you some ideas for a better life after retirement. One of them may be a valuable inheritance for your grandchildren.

Post retirement projects

First: education

Whatever your previous specialty or profession; There are always those who are looking for an expert in the same specialty to benefit from his advice, but what do you think about turning those tips into action? You can give courses to fresh graduates, and here's what you can start with:

How to write a CV.

Conduct job interviews.

How to find a suitable job

Writing official emails to companies.

Driving lessons.

Giving training courses about life after graduation.

Educational lessons for school students in your specialty.

Educational courses in your specialty, the simplest examples: training pharmacists or a newly graduated doctor.

You can start your educational project at home, by allocating a small room, and preparing it, or you can record videos, and give lessons online.

Second, a professional advisor

More than 40 years in business; It means experiences that cannot be gained easily. You can take advantage of what you have gained over those years, and turn your professional experiences into work, by working as a professional consultant.

 It is not necessary to open your own office; You can even provide advice remotely, while you are sitting in your place, by starting to create a page on social networking sites, and writing content about what you want to provide.

Third: Start your own company

What do you think about becoming the manager? Instead of looking for alternative companies, you can start your own business and become your own boss. 

beginning; Let's choose the company's specialty. You have several options; You can start with something related to your university education or you can look for a completely different field. on the other side; You can make it a professional consulting company, and what I would advise you to do is start building it as an electronic platform, build trust relationships with clients, and then you can create a website for the company. 

also; If you are one of the owners of capital; I advise you to start a family business.

 Here are some ideas:

Clothing store.

Contracting company.

Entering the field of trade, import, and export.

Entering into the field of investment by purchasing shares and shares in other companies.

Fourth: buying and selling real estate

You are often given a sum of money when you reach the age of 50. You can take advantage of this amount, buy a small property, and then sell it at a higher price after a period of buying it, and the difference in price will be the profit that you will get. who knows? Maybe you'll start a real estate company next year.

Fifth: A coach for social life

You must have encountered many disappointments in the past, and learned many failures, and there are also many lessons and lessons that life has given you. 

on the other side; On the other hand, there is a young group that still has little experience, and most of them are looking for someone to direct them and guide them to overcome the obstacles they face, no matter how prestigious their university degrees are, and whatever their university specialization is; You have what they are looking for..."the wisdom of life". 

This could be one of their post-retirement projects, and here are the main obstacles you can help them with:

Lack of self-confidence.

The art of social response.

Dealing with co-workers.

Meet new people.

Shyness in social situations.

How to build social relationships.

The most important obstacles that may be encountered in social or professional life.

All this is just the tip of the iceberg, and remember that they are not looking for ringing slogans; Rather, they need real advice, and summaries of social experiences.

Sixth: Start your own blog

Lots of people spend several hours browsing the search engine, reading articles of interest or searching for specific topics, and you can perhaps introduce what they are looking for by starting your own blog. 

I think it is one of the most successful projects after retirement. But what can you write about? If you have previously worked in the administrative field, there are many who need to read about your experience in this field. 

also; You can write entertaining stories, and other realistic stories that happened with you, and you, my dear, you can write about the recipes that you love or about your experience in managing family matters, education ... and many other topics related to our daily lives. Furthermore it; I think that most of you have experience managing financial matters - family and personal ones - this is the simplest thing to write about.

Seventh: Turning a hobby into a business project

One of the success stories that fascinated me is the story of Linda Nagamine, who, after retirement, made a simple portlet-key holder, and dedicated her product to women to help them quickly find the keys in their bags.

 At first glance; The idea may be simple, and unsuccessful at first, but with a little creativity, Linda turned her hobby of making portraits into a business. That's a simple example, and I leave the rest of the story to your imagination.

Eighth: Starting a platform for retirees

I do not think that it is among the ideas that have come to your mind, and it may be an unfamiliar idea, as it is assumed that there are many jobs that require previous experience, and employees over the age of 45 years.

 on the other side; Many are looking for jobs to work after retirement to earn extra income. So; It would be great if you could create a platform or website to connect companies looking for experts in certain fields, and retirees looking to start over.

Pros of working after retirement

Get additional income

In addition to the amount of Social Security or pension; You can get additional income.

Reduce health problems

Continuing to work means continuing to face challenges, and learn everything new, and most studies have indicated that working after retirement may reduce the rate of mental decline associated with advancing age. also; The incidence of the following diseases is reduced:

  • Depression.
  • diabetes mellitus
  • heart disease;
  • brain attack.
  • psychological problems.
  • Hypertension.
Make new friends
Building professional relationships and retaining co-workers

in conclusion

Many people in general, and in our Arab society in particular, prefer to spend time after retirement by sitting with family and friends, reminiscing about the past or exchanging parties.

 but; Memories may attack you sometimes, and life makes you forget, and the days become heavy on you; You end up being alone. You can break out of that traditional lifestyle, and start your new business; As if life gave you a new chance.

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