With a presidential warning .. “WhatsApp” warns of a malicious hoax


The administration of the instant communication application "WhatsApp" announced that its security team had recently discovered malicious programs that were hidden inside an application called "Hey WhatsApp".

And the head of “ WhatsApp ”, Will Cathcart, indicated that this application was designed by a party that calls itself “HeyMods”, and it is deluding users that they will get unprecedented features in the application once they download the “Hey WhatsApp” program.

 Just a "malicious trick" aimed at stealing information stored on the phones of "WhatsApp" users.

WhatsApp warns of a ploy to steal user data.
WhatsApp warns of a ploy to steal user data

Hesham Mohamed, an expert in technology, said in an interview with “Sky News Arabia” that the victims of this application are only users of Android phones, as “Hey WhatsApp” was available for download outside the Google Play store away from censorship. provided by "Google" in its store, calling on users to remove it immediately and without any hesitation.

Presidential Warning

Muhammad pointed out that the administration of the “WhatsApp” application usually ignores addressing this type of application, but the great risks that “Hey WhatsApp” poses prompted the head of the application to personally intervene and warn of its dangers and stress the need to use the original version of “WhatsApp” located on the “WhatsApp” website. Google Play and App Store.

According to Muhammad, the “WhatsApp” application was designed according to the highest protection conditions, which means that it is difficult to penetrate, and therefore the hackers deliberately exploited the weaknesses of “WhatsApp” users, by creating applications that can be combined with an application on “Android”, and claiming that they By giving them unprecedented advantages, the false promises were later revealed.

greed features

In turn, social media expert Joe Khoury, stressed the need for "WhatsApp users" to have the necessary awareness and not to fall victim to "greed" by obtaining fabricated features such as the ability to see who the people they monitor on WhatsApp are. And other features, where hackers exploit "insect" users to steal information stored on their phones.

Khoury considered that only the original version of the “WhatsApp” application is able to secure the highest protection rate for users, calling at the same time, calling on the management of the “WhatsApp” application to speed up the process of introducing new features that users are looking for, in order to reduce their resort to fake applications aimed at stealing User data and information.