Easily reinstall your favorite software

Easily reinstall your favorite software

When you use a new computer for the first time, you'll notice that it's up and running. When you ask to open a program, you will find it jumping to meet your request, and when you want to deal with a file, even if it is large, you will find it rising hard in response to your desires.

But after a while, the computer starts behaving like engravers and finishers, finding it sluggish, slow, and sometimes “blushing” and refusing to work. :)

Face the truth: if you're not a computer expert, your computer will get slower over time. There are several reasons for this. First, the files start splitting and scattering on the hard drive. Secondly, the number of programs running as the computer starts increases, and thirdly, program settings may conflict, making them run slower.

If you have enough computer knowledge, you can take control of the situation. Uninstall programs that start when you start your computer that you don't need, "defragment" the hard disk. Recheck the software settings to make sure they are set to the optimum position. Make sure that the drivers installed on your device are the latest.. and other routine maintenance.

If the case of the computer is difficult or intractable, it may be more effective to "format" the hard disk and then install the operating system and software again. This process undoubtedly restores vitality to the computer. During installation, all files will be placed unpartitioned on the hard disk, and the operating system will start a new life cycle without sagging.

It is also possible that you will need to configure even if your computer is working fine, such as when you want to install a new operating system (Windows 7 for example).
Easily reinstall your favorite software

Once upon a time, in the pristine days, the days of trampling,  :) I would format and reinstall frequently whenever I noticed my computer wasn't responding like it used to. The world was simple then, and the whole process was completely painless. Now, I do this process only when I have to. The process has become cumbersome and frustrating.

In order for the initialization and reinstallation process to be successful, you must reinstall all the programs you need, and these number in the dozens.

You don't believe me? Calculate with me:
  • Web browsers like Chrome (the fastest), Firefox (the best for web development) and Safari (I don't use it but test sites on it)
  • Windows Live Group
  • Audio file drivers, such as WinAmp and iTunes
  • Photo editing and viewing programs such as Picasa and Irfan View
  • Adobe Reader
  • RealPlayer
  • Antivirus software
  • flash players
  • Silver Light Players
  • File sharing software (bit torrent)
  • google earth program
  • I don't want you to get bored :)
  • CD burning software
  • fonts
  • office group
  • Programming group (which is a huge group)
  • Website development kit (Expression Web, etc.)
  • FTP program (such as FileZilla)
  • java players
  • Book design and production suite (InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator)
  • WinRaR
  • Chess programs and many more that I do not remember.
And when you realize how much effort this process will take, you will have two solutions, thank God, both are easy. The first solution works “don’t worry” that the computer remains slow and you continue using it normally  :) , and the second solution is to look for a tool that facilitates this task for you.

Because the first solution is very easy and you can do it on your own, I will dedicate this post to the second solution.

You've found a "masterpiece" website that will help you a lot when you want to reinstall the usual software on your device. This site is located at  http://ninite.com . When you enter the home page of the site, it will greet you with a long list of programs:

All you have to do is browse for the programs shown and then tick the ones you want to install on your device. Finally, click the Get Installer button at the bottom of the page. An installer will be sent to you, and when you run it it will install all the programs you selected.

One of the great things about the installer is that it:

  • It installs all programs in the background and without any intervention from you.
  • It installs all programs with default settings.
  • Refuses to install any toolbars or any other “bug” software.
  • It installs the latest versions of all the programs you choose.
  • He doesn't even bed himself.
  • It does not even require you to register yourself on the site.
  • Keep this website address and it will save your life when you format the hard drive.

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