Five myths about VPN you should stop believing

Five myths about VPN you should stop believing


With the increasing talk of issues related to hacking, privacy, spying on users, and other security issues, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) always emerge as one of the aids for users to enhance security when using smartphones and computers.

However, there are a lot of misconceptions about VPN use and some still promote these beliefs on their social media accounts.

Five myths about VPN you should stop believing

So here are the 5 most common VPN misconceptions that you absolutely should not believe:

Free service like paid

Many users think that relying on a free VPN service will dispense with using the paid one, or that the free service provides the advantages of the paid service.

This is a completely incorrect belief, as it is not the same here as an application to take distinctive selfies, then you will not find a problem with relying on a free application.

As for VPN applications, they mainly require payment for servers according to quality and quality, and therefore free services in this area either ask to give up some personal information such as e-mail, browsing data and other information, or by displaying them with advertisements.

Therefore, the issue will be somewhat illogical, as you resort to a virtual private network mainly to protect your data completely, and not to protect your data from parties and sell it to others.

Too slow internet speed

One of the most famous misconceptions about VPN services is that they cause a severe slowdown in the speed of the Internet, and this is also an incorrect belief often promoted by people who rely on free or unreliable services, which leads us to the first belief again.

Strong and reliable VPN services do not significantly slow down the Internet, and although slowing down may be one of the things that come when you connect to these networks, it is not significantly.

Of course, there are many reasons that may reduce the speed, including the encryption method on which the service depends, as well as the distance of the server from your original location, or the presence of great pressure on the server, which are issues that you should consider when subscribing to a particular service so that the speed is not affected.

Only use it for illegal things

Have you seen the series Mr. Robot before? Well, some people have a belief that VPN users are like Elliot in the series, all they do is hack or some illegal act, and this is the most ridiculous belief.

Many users rely on these services just to access services that may not be available in their countries or to protect their personal data and avoid it from falling into the hands of hackers by fully encrypting data while using the Internet.

You will protect me from anything

Treating VPN services as a panacea for every security problem you might encounter is also a complete misconception.

VPN services will not protect you from anything on the Internet, many security threats will remain the same, such as visiting some sites that contain malicious software, exposure to phishing pages and scams, or infecting your device with viruses, and others.

It doesn't matter which one you use

It is important to know that the process of choosing a VPN service correctly is a very important issue, the belief that he wants to make you believe that you should just activate the VPN service without knowing the details and choosing the exact is a misconception.

You must know the encryption method adopted by these services, some of them offer secure and high-quality encryption systems and some do not.

Other factors that are important when choosing include pricing, server location, communication protocols, and your own motivation for using these services.

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