How do I protect my device from hacking?

How do I protect my device from hacking?


The definition of phone hacks includes several phrases that clearly explain the meaning of hacking. Hacking any phone necessarily means that someone will secretly access the data of that particular phone, discover and search its contents.

The forms and methods of penetration vary; Between a sophisticated security breach and an unsecured hacker access. We can also classify penetration according to its nature to physical, espionage, or even ordinary penetration aimed at sabotage, and physical penetration aimed at theft and robbery of others' property through the phone can be classified.

How do we know that the phone was hacked?

We have an important set of signs that tell us that a phone has been hacked and they stand out to us through the following:

Shipping is running out quickly

Mobile phone

Huge consumption of phone battery

The presence of malicious or malicious applications running maliciously and insidiously; In turn, this leads to a large consumption of the phone battery, and therefore the charge runs out quickly.

The phone is strangely slow

The hacker spends all the time and energy on the app helping him to hack, which leads to the weakening of the phone's focus on the function needed by its primary owner, and this makes the phone run very slowly. This can also cause the phone to hang and crash abnormally, resulting in an abnormal shutdown of the phone and sometimes an automatic restart.

There are strange activities in the owner's online accounts

Most of the time the hacker's goal is to gain access to the owner's personal data and accounts in order to steal or badly compromise them; Therefore, each person must pay close attention to his own accounts on the various social networking sites from the occurrence of any activities he did not do, for example, trying to change passwords or logging in from other geographical sites, and working to activate the warning and alert features in these sites for safety .

Pay attention and detect unfamiliar messages or calls

It is very possible that hackers intentionally send SMS messages that help them to eavesdrop and reach their goals through viruses carried by those messages. The hacker sometimes exploits the identity of the owner of the phone and access to his relatives and friends in order to steal this owner’s personal data; Therefore, caution must always be taken and records should be monitored periodically in order to increase security and eliminate suspicion about the presence of malicious and exposed methods, which indicate the presence of a case of penetration.

Excessive consumption of data and calls

This sign is one of the common signs about hacking, as it directly guides the owner that their phone is likely to be hacked and spied on.

Ads and popups appear

It often happens in the breaches that sudden windows and windows pop up that require pressing a certain button to close them and thus spying occurs through them, and the changes that we observe in private phone browsers appear confirming this.

Big internet bills

Big internet bills

Often, during a phone hack, huge and suspicious amounts of the owner’s internet data are exchanged, so everyone should monitor their data exchange levels and note the presence of huge and unexplained consumption; If these levels increase, you must do what is required to protect your phone.

secondary symptoms

You should pay attention to the following symptoms and give them importance in order to detect the possibility of phone security breaches, including:

  • Strange sounds are heard when making a phone call.
  • Download programs without being asked to download them.
  • Download videos, pages and links without knowing them.
  • Some applications can't stop working all of a sudden.

Steps to follow to protect your phone from hacking

After we have known the most important signs that help us discover the presence of a penetration in the phone, everyone should know an important set of ideas that help well in getting rid of the penetration and the resulting damage and negative effects, then it can be said that you can keep network criminals and hackers away from Your life and your phone are perfect.

Uninstall any harmful software

Some malicious applications lead to tampering with the phone and weakening its immunity, and sometimes these applications may be means used by the hacker to reach his goal, after which security steps must be started in the accounts and the phone to avoid penetration.

Perform security checks

Always work to follow steps that support security in the phone, because of their effective role in discovering pitfalls and errors or even harmful applications on the phone, and help in immunizing it and immunizing personal accounts, whether these steps are public or private in a particular application or a specific site.

change passwords

Replacing old passwords on accounts and private sites with new and strong passwords that include letters and numbers to achieve greater strength and protection.

Activate 2-Step Verification

By linking passwords to a highly reliable source, such as a personal phone number or other; As a good security precaution, send the private code on this trusted source and thus strengthen the presence of the passwords.

Factory reset

Through this step, the owner of the phone can shorten the way to many steps; As it works to delete all harmful and malicious applications and others, this is what works to destroy the way hackers reach the phone and prevent them from achieving their goals.

Install virus removal software

Through these applications, you can find out if there are unreliable and strange programs or activities in your phone. You can install these programs over the Internet and through the “Google” store, as they are available for all types of mobile devices and all their operating systems.

Stay away from anonymous links

Extreme care must be taken not to open unknown links because of the great and serious dangers that they carry, which in turn cause the phone to be hacked. 

These links can reach through any social networking application or through any other way, as these links often contain viruses and malicious hacking programs aimed at stealing data.

Regular monitoring of the phone

In conclusion, we come to an essential and basic advice that reminds and emphasizes the constant monitoring of the phone about the risks of any penetration, searching for any indications, avoiding curiosity in opening unknown links, in addition to staying away from hacking sites that talk about the world of espionage because they are primarily spy sites.

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