How to protect yourself from hackers?

How to protect yourself from hackers?


1. Password

Protect your computer and devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) against unauthorized access and lock the screen when you are no longer active.

Use strong passwords (minimum 10 characters, including numbers, uppercase, lowercase and special characters).


Do not use the same password everywhere. On the contrary, you have

to compose one for each account.

If possible, activate a so-called strong authentication method , i.e. two-factor (2FA).

Change your password at the latest when you suspect that a third party knows it.

2. Technical precautions

Regularly update your operating systems and applications. Enable the automatic update feature for the operating system and all of your programs and applications.

Use an antivirus program and enable the automatic update function.

Regularly check that your device has not been infected by performing a full system scan.

Enable the Windows or Mac OS embedded firewall before connecting your device to the Internet or any other network.

Back up your data regularly on an external hard drive, on DVD, CD or on an online storage platform (cloud).

3. Emails

Beware of emails that come from an unknown address.

Never click on attachments and links offered to you in a suspicious email ( Phishing ).

Only open files and programs from trusted sources and after screening with up-to-date antivirus software.

Don't reply to junk e-mails (in English: spam ): you will reveal to the sender that your e-mail address is valid, which will encourage them to send you more spam.

4. On the Internet

Always be careful when surfing the Internet and think carefully before giving out your personal data.


Financial institutions, telephone operators or other service providers will never ask you (neither by email nor by telephone) to communicate your password to them, nor to change it.

When using your mobile devices, you should apply the same precautions that you normally observe on your desktop computer at home.

If you are unsure or if you are concerned that you have been the victim of an attack, do not hesitate to ask for help.

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