Introverted personality: its definition, characteristics, treatment methods, and dealing with it


Some people in society are often described as introverted or withdrawn from other people; But, what is meant by an introverted personality? And what are its characteristics? Is there a cure for it? And how can we deal with it? We will present all this to you, dear readers, in the next few lines.

 What is meant by introverted personality?

 Introverted personality: 

a personality that tends to think deeply, infer and calm more than it tends to express what you feel inside, and tries as much as possible not to be the focus of attention, and always stays away from the spotlight, and it has varying degrees, types of which we mention, for example: 

  • Introverted thinking. 
  • Social introversion. 

The amount of introversion varies from one personality to another, and the amount of introversion also varies depending on the time and circumstances the person is going through, and the characteristics of each personality vary; One of the traits of introversion can decrease, or increase. 

Introverted personality
Introverted personality

 Introverted personality traits: 

1. Prefer to work alone: 

Introverts like to slow down and take the time to think carefully before carrying out tasks, and this can cause them some trouble when doing teamwork with other people. Their productivity and completion rate are usually best when they do the work alone, whether it's at work or at home. 

2. Prefer to spend time alone:

 The time the introverted person spends alone is very important for her in terms of her health and psychological happiness. She looks for activities that are useful and entertaining for her, which make her feel much more enjoyable than the time she spends on social occasions or with others; You use this time by reading, playing electronic games, writing, watching movies, handicrafts, and other activities; You can also spend this time  just relaxing without doing any work or activity. 

3. It is characterized by its ability to think creatively: 

The introverted personality tends to use the maximum of its experience and ability when thinking to solve problems, and it can present bold and creative ideas as a result of its unique way of thinking; She gives small and minute details importance and consideration, which enables her to obtain excellent results and solutions, especially when she is alone. The introvert usually does not like to participate in finding solutions to problems that occur in private life or work; But when this character takes the time to think calmly and thoughtfully, she offers great creative solutions. 

4. She is a good listener.

 The introverted personality is characterized by being a good listener , and therefore a great role in knowing and understanding the nature of the other people around them; By doing so, you can take the best way to deal with them; Good listening gives this character the ability to organize her thoughts and prepare to talk to others with confidence. 

Introverted personality

5. Characterized by their need for solitude after communicating with other people:

 One of the most important features of an introverted personality is its need for solitude and spending time alone, especially after having to spend time with other people and communicate with them. They feel drained and exhausted when they are forced to attend social events or meet others for long periods, and then need to spend some time alone; With the aim of restoring calmness, inner balance, self-review and thinking. This can be explained that the extroverted personality derives its energy and vitality from interacting with others, while the introverted personality consumes all its energy and exhausts it when attending social events and interacting with others. Not all introverts are socially weak; There are some introverts who enjoy spending time with friends and relatives in their small, closed circle. 

6. They are characterized by high self-awareness

The introverted person focuses on her feelings and thoughts, and spends a lot of her time understanding and analyzing her reactions, constantly reviewing herself, and evaluating her experiences to benefit from them. This is due to her sense of fun and curiosity. Also, self-knowledge is essential to the introverted personality, and self-awareness involves: search. Find topics that arouse her curiosity and draw her attention. Discover the skills you can master. Find out her favorite hobbies. All this makes her one of the most well-known personalities. Read also: Self-awareness: its definition, importance, and ways to enhance and develop it

 7. It is characterized by simplicity:

 One of the things that distinguishes an introverted personality is that it appreciates and pays attention to the smallest details. There are so many other characters that you can't make her happy without constant surprises and precious gifts; However, it is easy to make an introvert feel happy and satisfied; This is because many simple things bring her happiness, such as:  reading a book or a beautiful novel, staying at home, listening to someone you love, or doing any quiet activity you like.  

8. They are distinguished by independence:

 The introverted personality tries to improve its ability to rely on itself without the need for other people, and this is a challenge to its abilities and skills, and to enhance its sense of independence and the ability to overcome life's obstacles and difficulties; She tends to look for solutions to her problems without trying to seek help from anyone else, and this helps her to think in a sound way to make the right decisions , and increases her life experiences and her ability to plan to get things done.

 9. Always try to avoid crowds:

 Introverts often try to avoid crowded places as much as possible, and feel uncomfortable talking to strangers, looking at them, or getting attention from someone; And when you have to take public transport, you resort to playing with your phone, putting on headphones, or reading books.

  10. Prefer writing to talking:

 Introverts tend to write to express themselves rather than talking directly to other people. They prefer to write their opinion on a piece of paper, or send their suggestion by e-mail when making decisions at work. This allows her to think deeply by having enough time, and gives her the opportunity to choose wisely and confidently, taking into account the surrounding circumstances.

 How do you deal with an introverted personality? 

 When dealing with an introvert, you must:

 Be careful not to interrupt her while she is talking, even if it is different from the one you want to tell her.

 To take into account the following rule: “What makes all the difference is not what you ask for, but the way you ask for it”; So when talking with the introverted personality, make sure that your features and physical movements ask for an answer, and try to look at it at length. 

Be wise and smart, and give her enough time without trying to rush her or pressure her.

 to take her outside the present moment, that is, to talk to her about the future; And be careful in choosing your words and phrases while talking to her. 

Asking open-ended questions, showing an expectation of answering them; avoiding questions whose answer is short and limited to only “yes” or “no”; It is recommended that the questions begin with “when, where, how, why, and who.” These questions will open up a lot of conversation.

 to lighten the air with joking; That's because joking helps reduce introversion.

 If you keep her silence and don't want to talk at all, try to anticipate the answer, and mention several answers and tell her about them; If there is a correct answer among them, she will pick it up and continue the conversation. 

Tell her your problems, ask her to help find solutions, and share your feelings. 

Introverted personality

Ask her for specific information about her thoughts, such as how she would act on this? And what do you think? And what do you wish for? How can the introverted personality be treated? An introverted personality can get rid of its traits by following some tips, including: 

1. Be optimistic:

 The introverted person should be optimistic and try to think positively , which helps her get rid of her negativity. 

2. Create its own space:

 Introverts can overcome their negative feelings by having their own space, and turn to them when they feel tired of connecting with other people. 

 3. Meditation practice:

 Meditation greatly helps  to relax and get rid of stress and negative energy that an introvert can acquire when they come into contact with other people.

 4. Expressing gratitude: 

Introverts must constantly express their gratitude to other people; This is because other people generally like people who make them feel appreciated, which also makes them express gratitude and appreciation for the introverted personality; This helps her overcome her isolationism. 

5. Writing memos: 

Since the introverted personality does not like to talk to other people, and prefers to write to express what is going on inside of it; Therefore, writing a daily diary helps her relieve stress, and train herself to feel and think positively. 

6. Focus on positive thoughts:

 The introverted personality must prevent itself from negative thinking, and promote positive thinking. 

7. Self-compassion: 

An introvert must empathize with himself; This is because people generally tend to empathize with social, friendly, and interactive personalities. 

8. Openness:

 One of the things that helps the introverted personality get rid of its isolation: encouraging itself to build friendships, and develop its social relationships with the other people around it.