Study: Smartphone use may improve memory

Study: Smartphone use may improve memory


 A recent study reported that using a smartphone helps improve memory. Tough conditions In very difficult circumstances.

Contrary to what previous studies have shown that excessive use of the phone has serious consequences for human health , a recent study has reached a completely different conclusion, and may prompt many people to change their opinion about this device, which has become an integral part of people's lives around the world.

A recent study revealed that using smart phones may help improve a person's memory skills  , rather than making them lazy or forgetful, and added that digital devices can store important information, which may improve the ability to remember things when needed, according to the position. Study Find, citing the study published in the specialized scientific journal "Journal of Experimental Psychology".

The study showed that using the phone as an "external memory" not only helps people remember what is stored in the phone, but also helps them remember unsaved information.

It is noteworthy that health experts previously expressed concern that the frequent use of technology could reduce brain function, and possibly lead to a form of “digital dementia,” according to the Study Find website.


The website of the British newspaper, The Independent, reported that the results were based on a study in which 158 volunteers, aged between 18 and 71, were asked to perform a “memory task” developed by experts on digital devices.

Participants were shown 12 digitized circles on the screen of the devices, and they were asked to remember to drag some of them to the left and some to the right, as the number of circles that they remembered to pull to the right side of the screen will determine their salaries after completing the experiment.

Also, experts have identified one side of the screen as "high value", and the circles drawn to that side will be worth 10 times the money on the other side.

The danger of digital addiction

 The participants performed this task 16 times and had to use their own memory 8 times to remember which circles to draw to which side. On the other 8 occasions, they were allowed to use digital devices to remember, according to the same source.

Experts noted that participants tended to use digital devices, in order to remind them to pull the circles to the "high value" side. Their memory for those circuits also improved by 18 per cent, according to The Independent.

"We wanted to find out how storing information in a digital device might affect memory capabilities," said study leader Sam Gilbert, a professor of neuroscience at University College London. ...we also found that the device improved people's memory for unarchived information as well."

The same speaker continued his words, “This is because the use of the device changed the way people use their memory to store information of high importance versus information of low importance,” and added: “The results show that external memory tools work far from causing digital dementia, as using An external memory device can improve our memory for information that we never saved,” Studyfind reported.

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