Hate beauty and social media

Hate beauty and social media


None of the pioneers of "Social Media", who has exceeded middle age by several years, and lived most of his life within a community segment that did not mix much with others (and here I mean the segment that works in culture, literature and art), can easily ignore the hordes of locusts, literally, who fill the pages Communication, and they work with exceptional diligence to strip everything related to Arabs and Muslims from any trace of beauty. 

He can only wonder if all this hatred and hatred for beauty has existed for a long time, and then the means of communication allowed him to extend his head and announce his existence, or whether his presence coincided with the spread of the means of communication, and it is only one of the results of the sad defeat of the Arab Spring and the restoration of political tyranny His position is more powerful, and the catastrophic failure of states and societies is exposed, especially at the two levels:

It goes without saying, of course, if they were allowed to get rid of what they are in, would have maintained a set of values ​​commensurate with their inherent religious culture, the culture that existed since before the middle of the last century, or specifically, before it was transformed It organized it into fascist military regimes laden with a rural culture that collided with an urban city in capitals and major cities, and could not stand it. 

Instead of transferring the city to the countryside, it spread the values ​​of the countryside in the big cities, as a result of the economic policies (including what they have and what they have) that it adopted to establish its authority, which it later supported in alliance with an official religious institution whose presence and strength increases with the decline of civil values ​​in societies.

Hate beauty and social media

The fact is that no picture or news related to an artist, a beautiful girl, or a social phenomenon can pass unnoticed currently on Arab social media. Not only in the horrific quantity and number of fatwas, which classify artists as the people of Hell, but also those that threaten them with the torment of the grave, the burning and the types of torture in the afterlife are hundreds of times superior to the types and types of torture practiced by Arab regimes against their opponents. Here, we must ask about this well-established image of God in the minds of the common people. 

If “God is beautiful and loves beauty” How do they equate his beauty with the ugliness they attribute to His Majesty just because this woman in the picture is beautiful or just seeing someone living a normal life and enjoying the grace of beauty that God created in him, and enjoying the life that God gave her? 

As for the worst, it is the hordes of shamans with pictures of famous people at an advanced age, and considering the changes of time on them as a punishment from God Almighty for the sins they committed in their lives? 

Do they really not realize that the natural life cycle begins with childhood, adolescence, youth, old age, disability, and death, and that this cycle concerns all human beings?

Rarely has such a huge number of people spoke in the name of God on earth, I think, has ever spoken in the name of God in such a language that is filled with violence, resentment and hatred against the different, especially if God has endowed this person with beauty or talent, or He enjoyed a degree of freedom that the public categorized as perversion, heresy or heresy...etc.

I think that this has nothing to do with the means of communication only and the ease with which everyone can use them, but rather a structural defect, often related to a horrible collective sense of failure at all levels, because the successive defeats that afflicted , and what is finally new, is the defeat of the Arab Spring, and the fall of all hopes and projects.

 Progressive, feeling unable to even approach the steps taken by other societies towards the future, then the return of fear as a result of the criminality and violence of regimes, with economic collapses and living crises and the exposure of the extravagance in which the wealthy segments live with their own societal values, have devoted complex types of anger associated with injustice that express It expresses itself in a very violent language, whose owners refer it to the sanctuary, where they find safe from accountability, if they are subjected to legal accountability.

It is likely that this will not recede soon, because more harmful living and environmental crises will come before them, and only exhausted, dilapidated and poor societies will find themselves.

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